District: Rutsiro

Province: Western

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Short Information on District Management

Chairperson of the district: MATABARO Bernard

Mayor: AYINKAMIYE Emerence

Vice-Mayor Finance: GAKURU MUNYAKAZI Innocent

Vice-Mayor Social Affair: BUTASI Jean Herman

Executive Secretary: NIYONZIMA Tharcisse

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Rutsiro District is one of the seven Districts making up the Western Province, located 150 km the capital Kigali. It has a population of 324,654 of which 60% are below 25 years, and a population density of 281 inhabitants per km² by 2012. This District is made up of 13 administrative Sectors, 62 Cells and 483 villages commonly known as “Imidugudu” covering a surface area of 1157.3 km².
In the East : From North to South, the limit of the District of Rutsiro leaves the banks of rivers Bihongora and Nyanzo. From this point, it is necessary to follow River Bihongora up to its source and to continue while following the borders of Nyabirasi sector of Rutsiro District and Muhanda sector of Ngororero District up to River Bikeneko. From this last to the district’s border with Sebeya, going up along Sebeya to its border with the River Busenda. While going up Sebeya until the end of Murunda and Rusebeya sectors in Rutsiro District, one encounters the Muhanda sector border. From this border, one follows the limits of Muhanda and Rusebeya Districts until the limit of Kavumu sector in Ngororero District.
One continues while following the border of Rusebeya and Kavumu sectors until one reaches water called Satinsyi. Then, to continue Satinsyi to its confluence with River Nyamwotsi. From there, one continues the limits of Mukura sector in Rutsiro District and Ndaro sector in Ngororero District until River Kiguhu. While going down along Kiguhu until the limits Ndaro and Mukura sectors in Rutsiro District and Nyange sector Ngororero District. While following the bordes of Mukura and Nyange sectors, one reaches the meeting point between the Districts of Rutsiro, Karongi and Ngororero.In North : From West to East, the limits of Rutsiro District begins at the border between the Republic of Rwanda the Democratic republic of Congo and goes up to where the River Nyamwenda flows into Lake Kivu.
One continues while following the limits of Kivumu sector in Rutsiro District and Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu District until River Budacya. While continuing along Budacya to its confluence with River Pfunda, one reaches the end of Nyundo sector in Rubavu District and Nyabirasi sector in Rutsiro District to the confluence of Nyaforongo and Gatare brooks. All along River Gatare to its confluence with River Bihongora on the extreme side of Nyabirasi and Nyundo sectors and the Sector of Kanama Rubavu District. Lastly, while following the limits of Kanama and Nyabirasi sectors to the confluence of Bihongora and Nyanzo brooks one reaches the extreme borders of Nyabihu, Rubavu and Rutsiro Districts.
In the West : From the South to the North, the limits of Rutsiro District is confused with the border between the Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo. Rutsiro begins from the border with Karongi District and continues up to the border that it shares with Rubavu District on Lake Kivu.
In the South : From the West to the East, the District of Rutsiro shares a border with the Northern limits of Karongi District from the border with the Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo where the Districts of Rutsiro and Karongi meet on Lake Kivu up to where the Districts of Rutsiro, Ngororero and Karongi meet towards the East.

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