District: Burera

Province: Northern

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Short Information on District Management

Chairperson of the district: Dr. HABINEZA Faustin


Vice-Mayor Finance: HABUMUREMYI Evariste

Vice-Mayor Social Affair: HABYARIMANA Jean Baptiste

Executive Secretary: KAMANZI Raymond

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Country : Republic of Rwanda
Province : Northern Province
Coordinates : 1°30’S and 29° 58’E


The District of Burera is one of the 5 Districts constituting the Northern Province and it is located in the North of Rwanda.
It is limited to the North by the Republic of Uganda, in East by Gicumbi District, in South by the Rulindo and Gakenke Districts and in West by National Volcanoes Pack and Musanze District.

The Burera District has a surface of 644,5km2

The District of Burera has four seasons :

-  Small dry season : form mid-December to mid-February
-  Great rain season : from mid-February to semi-end May
-  Great dry season : from June to mid-September
-  Small rain season : from mid-September to January

The average pluviometry vary from 1200 to 1600mm while the temperatures vary from 9 to 20 0C.

The relief of the District is unequal. It’s composed by a prevalence of hills separated by marshlands, lakes and rivers.

In north-western of the District there is a volcanic area where is Muhabura volcano (4,127 m).

Some significant hills of the highlands of Buberuka are :

-  Bisaga (2.401m)
-  Kabona (2.348m)
-  Karurunga (2.305)
-  Nyanamo (2.225m)
-  Seta (2.305m)
-  Kabyaza (2.392)

Morphologic characteristics

The soil of the Burera District is subdivided into three parts :
-  The humus-bearing part which extends on along the marshlands such as RUGEZI
-  The volcanic part at the foot-mount of the volcanos
-  The muddy part and argilo humus-bearing in the rest of the District i.e. highlands of Buberuka.

The hydrographic Network :

The hydrographic network is characterized by the rivers which across marshes and bottom areas.

Vegetation :

The vegetation of the District disappears gradually because of the human occupation.
The forests are mainly composed by eucalyptus. Some agro-forest trees were recently introduced.

Natural limits of the District :

-  In North : Uganda country
-  In the East : the marshland of Rugezi , rivers of Murubaya, Nyarukore and Kiriba
-  In West : the National Volcanoes park volcanoes and the Musanze District
-  In The South : lake Ruhondo

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